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Coronavirus COVID-19 Free Tech Support

In this time of acute technology needs LFI is offering free technical support to adults working from home or JCPS students learning from home.  We’ll attempt to get you connected or in the least tell you who to call for specific services related help.  

Call 502-225-3000 and request “Technical Support”, if your unable to reach us please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

Alternatively you can ask your tech support questions in our forum.

Technology, Training, Access Advocates

Our purpose:

  1. We believe too few women are in technology.  Society has steered women to roles that were once perceived more feminine and not technical.  This is to the detriment of technology and hampers the future of society.  We want to encourage more women to be involved in this field.
  2. We believe segments of the population such as homeless, formerly homeless, runaways, incarcerated, orphaned or those who did not complete high school lacked opportunities to learn and experience technology.  This disadvantage prevents them from reaching their potential and perpetuates a cycle only broken by an effort to expose them to technology.  We want to correct this lack of access to technology.
  3. We believe that rural communities have lacked adequate access to high speed internet access and this has contributed to a lack of opportunity to experience and learn technology.  We want to correct this lack of access to technology.

The Need In Kentucky: Access Is Essential

As we were forming LHI Matthew Leffler, the founder, told a candidate for the US Senate to check on the progress of his campaign website.  That candidate said he would tomorrow, he didn’t have internet access at his home.  

It’s weird to think that people in Kentucky largely see access to the internet as a luxury that doesn’t limit them.  For Many in the state, It’s an unknown, unknown … things they don’t know they don’t know.  

Kentucky is ranked 42 out of 50 in internet access according to some reports
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The internet brings opportunities most of the commonwealth isn’t even aware its missing. Attempts by groups to address the issue have failed on grand, billion dollar scales but not because it can’t be done. They’ve failed due to corporate greed, a lack of will and cheap shortcuts.

Access Is Not Enough

Theres Work To Do

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How To Help

Organizations or individuals can donate their used laptops to the foundation for refurbishment.  This equipment can then be given to individuals without computers.   Visit here to inquire about donating hardware. You can donate funds to help support the refurbishment efforts, our work to provide internet access such as hot spots and training people on the use of these tools. You can volunteer to help the foundation in fundraising, grant requests, serve on a board or committee.

Technology Is Only As Good As The User's Ability To Use It.

Access To The Internet

Personal Laptop

Users received refurbished, nearly new hardware after a brief essentials training session.

Basic Computer Literacy

Help Us Reach One Of Our 2020 Goals
1000 Laptops Donated And Distributed

Become a Refurbisher Volunteer

Want to help but don’t have a bunch of laptops or cash laying around?  We still need volunteers to refurbish laptops, provide training, help fundraise, interact with the community and advocate on our behalf.

We’ll train you how!

Complete this general volunteer form and we’ll put ya to use.

Scheduled Events

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Membership Annual Meeting

Members annually meet to elect board members and vote on

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Thankful For Sponsors

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