The Beginnings of
Our Non-profit Mission



Giving Back The Support

The foundation name is made after Matthew Leffler’s father, the late, George Leffler.  He along with Matt’s Mom, Vivian, supported Matthew’s technology learning needs early, giving Matt his first computer in the 1980s before many had personal computers and before Matt was 10.  Throughout the 1990s Matt continued to receive state of the art (at that time) access to the internet and additional new computers. By 1997 Matt had received his fourth computer.  All from his parents.

Through that interaction and exposure to technology Matthew Leffler has had several great opportunities with technology, working for Hewlett Packard, Accenture, Gateway and now working as his own, self employed.  

These opportunities were the exception then and seem to be especially now.  Many programs exist for children but very few target young adults or those who didn’t complete high school. These populations need it the most because they’re already being left behind

The Leffler Foundation Inc has its roots primarily from two aspects of the founder’s life.  One, from a corporate mission of Ultimate SEO LLC. Ultimate SEO LLC has made it a practice to provide contract work to high school dropouts, runaways, orphans or formerly incarcerated young adults who now have limited access to technology. 

Matt with his grandmother, mom and siblings.


Due to hardships their adult lives are more challenging because of a lack of access to the internet as well as a lack of access to a laptop.  They’re disconnected, uninformed and unaware of the limitations brought by this lack of computer literacy. Both access and hardware are required for a successful career in almost any field today…together these components would be considered “Basic Computer Literacy.”

This limited access generally contributes to a lack of exposure to using a computer.  Ultimate SEO LLC has bought and given away four laptops in the past year, with those donations we have provided training and have received no compensation for the training or the hardware. 

The Need 

We believe that the issue has reached a unique level of need and urgency in Kentucky.  This is supported by articles by sources such as the Courier-Journal which are reposted on our foundation’s site.  They are titled:

This is a crisis affecting generations to follow unless someone does something.

These illustrate a growing problem that’s not been given an answer and that, is the mission of this nonprofit organization.  To answer those 17,000 needs, one at a time as best we can with what we have to offer. 

What We Can Do

We know that 4 laptops are not going to fix the issue, which is why we created a foundation.  We will seek out donated hardware from organizations, refurbish it and provide this hardware to our targeted underserved adults.  Many of which are parents who need to be able to afford a life for their family and we want to get technology into that home for those children indirectly. 

With this “new to them” technology, we know basic support and training will be necessary to ensure the laptops do help bridge the gap in access to technology.  We will need hardware, trainers, places to train, parts to refurbish hardware and people to complete the refurbishments as well as outreach within the community and business.  Training can be delivered online and through youtube videos.

As learners advance we plan to continue to challenge them. is an example of that challenge. We provided the first person to receive a laptop with a domain, WordPress and a task, to create a site where he can express his music and his life.  Its the exposure that we think they need, if the site never gets built we at least made sure he had the chance.   

Matt's first computer from 1987