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Donate Laptops, Time Or Funds To Support Our Mission

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Donate Laptops, Time Or Funds To Support Our Mission

  We have several funds available at anytime that you can donate too online as well as our general fund.

Checkout our organization’s credentials with the Secretary of State’s web site for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We pledge that no less than 90% of your gift will go directly to our mission.

Ideally we’d love to receive gently used laptops from businesses.  These donations usually involve similar models and specs that also provide parts to repair the most laptops at the lowest cost.

Scroll to the form at the bottom of this page to let us know you want to help with hardware.  Training is largely useless with out the tools it uses. 

We appreciate your interest and encourage your consideration in donating to the foundations goals. As stated in our Bylaws our mission centers around three primary things:

  1. We believe segments of the population such as the homeless, recently homeless, runaways, incarcerated, recently incarcerated, orphaned or those who did not complete high school are among others that lack opportunities to learn and experience technology.  This disadvantage prevents them from reaching their potential and perpetuates a cycle only broken by an effort to expose them to technology.  Often the greatest hurdle to technology includes access to hardware that will allow them to utilize tools many take for granted elsewhere.  We want to correct this lack of access to technology.
  2. We believe too few women are in technology.  Society has steered women to roles that were once perceived more feminine and not technical.  This is to the detriment of technology and hampers the growth of society.  We want to encourage more women to be involved in this field.
  3. We believe that rural communities have lacked adequate access to high speed internet access and this has contributed to a lack of opportunity to experience and learn technology.  We want to correct this lack of access to technology.

It’s a huge task but doing nothing will not fix the problem.  We’ll tackle issues individually, one person at a time if needed.  We focus our efforts on young adults as they are often left beyond the scope of other programs centered on children.

Donate Hardware – Seeking Laptops

Every person who has received a refurbished laptop has appreciated the opportunity it has afforded them.  We mostly are looking for bulk donations from corporations that have recently refreshed their hardware and have many similar devices.  Its easier to ensure driver compatibility and maintain a level of performance with bulk devices.

As we want to provide training and need recipients to be able to easily access internet access we seek out laptops rather than desktops.  Please complete the below form concerning hardware.


When can we pick these up? Or when can you ship them / drop off?


Donate Time or Training – Volunteer

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