Our Mission

Stabilize And Invest In Those In Need Of An Opportunity To Lift Themselves Up.

LFI - Leffler Foundation Inc

Leffler Foundation Inc was determined a 501(c)(3) public charity, exempt from taxes and able to receive tax deductible donations by the Internal Revenue Service in 2020. For more information on LFI feel free to review our Guidestar.org profile.

Blizzard SEO Limited Company is a subsidiary of LFI offering career skills training through technology internships in digital marketing. Social Media Management, Search Engine Marketing or PPC campaigns and Search Engine Optimization are Blizzard's primary business focus.

KTU or Kentucky Technical University will provide associate level, degree programs in information technology. Once fully licensed this nonprofit will make tech training Kentuckians can complete the degree online with at least 30% receiving full scholarships based on need. The college will have a sliding scale tuition cost that is not to exceed $1300 a term.

Visit https://kytech.university for more info.

The Kentucky Institute is under development but will help adult learners complete a high school diploma or earn their GED. KI is meant to serve as a feeder towards completing a degree with KTU. KI is a division of KTUC.

Visit https://kentucky.institute for more information.

Administartion Site

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The Leffler Foundation Inc site serves to promote our mission to bring technology opportunities and training to those not afforded the exposure. Runaways, drop outs, incarcerated, teen pregnancy, orphaned or many other obstacles in a person's adolescene can prevent their exposure to both the knowledge to use as well as the access to take advantage of technology. Programs and schools focus on youth. But young adults wont find much support. We want to correct this disadvantage.